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School Clubs

In order to encourage students to participate in various programmes and activities and widen their horizon and experience which is more important for their all round development, the school has following clubs


Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge - Carl Sagan

Science involves a pursuit of knowledge causing general truths as the operations of fundamental laws. It aims to inculcate and improve scientific temper amongst our students, promote scientific thinking and new ideas and enhance scientific awareness.
The main objectives of Science Club are:

  • To explore the physical realm of our environment through experiments and establish evidence.
  • To develop a scientific attitude and a rational outlook towards life.
  • The goal is to learn Science with fun. Children love Science that allows them to perform hands-on experiments.

Some of the activities of the club are preparing models, charts , visits to the National Science Centre, organizing Science exhibitions and organizing inter-house quiz competitions.


The objectives of the UN (United Nations) club are to inculcate certain values among the club members regarding the welfare of people and establishment of human rights in several arenas. The various agencies of the United Nations set up an example for the club members and inspire them to work for the deprived, such as old people, orphans, poor and other weaker sections of the society. It is our motto to take some positive steps in certain areas, like each one teach one, arouse awareness about proper health conditions, distribute clothes, books etc. to the needy and thus, improving the condition of weaker sections of the society.

Club Activities:

  • Preparing students for participation in various Models of United Nations.
  • Raising awareness of international bodies in the School.
  • Organizing quiz for all classes.
  • Organizing International Days (recognized by the UN) in the School.

"Drama is very important in life. You have to come on with a bang. You never want to go out with a whimper. Everything can have drama if it's done right. Even a pancake."
- Julia Child

English Dramatics club has been incorporated in the curriculum to bring out and refine the actor in every child. The club envisages developing the self confidence of the child, improving his presentation skills, enhancing his public speaking abilities and providing an insight into various characters which he gets to enact. It provides much more than just academics and fills his life with imagination and dreams.

The students of the club are encouraged to dream, have a vision and achieve it. It is that ingredient of the school curriculum which adds spice to the process of education and makes it fun. Hence, it is an integral part of it.

Club Activities:

  • Develop acting skills in children.
  • Build confidence in students to face audiences from the stage.
  • Help use the medium of drama to spread social messages.
  • Stage skits and street plays.
  • Facilitate conduct of various events in the school and staging of plays, skits and dramas.
  • Inter school participation in such competitions.

Public speaking is an art every student must develop.  Public speaking helps to develop confidence among students, and enables them to be better prepared to take on leadership positions in future life.  To be confident leaders, efforts have to begin at primary level.  Hesitation and failure to present thoughts clearly is a prominent feature in today's child.  To bring up our students’ communication skills to global standards, the Public Speaking Club endeavours to bring about substantial change in oral communication skills amongst students.

Club Activities:

  • Debates.
  • Elocution.
  • Extempore debates and declamation.
  • Reading news headlines.
  • Impromptu storytelling.
  • Improvising lines.
  • Inter school participation at National and International levels for various competitions.     

To create awareness on the current trends in computers
To improve analytical & logical skills
To learn the dynamics of a computer and use it for higher learning
Introducing students to new technologies
To bring out creative talents
To test the knowledge of the students
To impart knowledge to the students
Club Activities:

  • Provide computer support for all school events.
  • Help make presentations for various school functions.
  • Increase awareness of computers amongst students.
  • Make students aware of the uses of information technology and thus prepare them to handle information enabled devices in the future.
  • Organize computer-based competitions.
Inter school participation at National and International levels for computer based competitions.        


Sensitizing our young students to environment related issues is the main purpose of the School's Eco Club.    

Club Activities:       

  • Tree plantation drives. 
  • Organizing campaigns and rallies like 'Say no to Poly Bags', 'Say no to crackers', 'Save Water', 'Save Energy', and 'Green and Clean City'. 
  • Projects initiated and undertaken for eco friendly surroundings like Rain Water Harvesting. Project and regular maintenance of compost pits and green house in the school premises. 
  • Participation of students in various intra and inter school events.              
  • Participation in community activities related to ecology.   

Expecting someone else to bring a change will never bring a change. It is necessary to take the first small step and what will follow will be revolution. The Community Outreach Club aims at helping students to develop and exercise a strong sense of social responsibility through making an earnest endeavor to contribute to the well being of the less fortunate.
Club Activities:

  • Arranged donation for 'Uttrakhand Flood Victims'.
  • Organized competitions and activities to create awareness on social issues like importance of continuation of education, rain water harvesting etc.
  • Helped the school gardener in garden maintenance and the school librarian for maintaining stocks.
Visited locales in the vicinity to increase the awareness of the needs of the underprivileged.      

The Maths Club has been introduced with the aim of making Mathematics fun for students. It endeavours to help students grasp mathematical concepts better through activities like puzzles, shortcuts in calculations and games.
Club Activities:

  • Participation in Math Olympiads and other competitions.       
  • Conduct Mathematics quiz.       
  • Study of various Math based puzzles, software and games.                   
  • Developing models and aids to facilitate a better grasp of Mathematical concepts.
General Awareness Club
  In General Awareness club the students gather and discuss the vital information regarding various fields of scientific inventions, discoveries, sports, education, achievements, awards etc. around the globe. The major issues of national as well as international importance are discussed to keep the students updated.
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