• Motorized modes of transportation such as scooters and motor cycles are strictly prohibited keeping child’s safety as well as the illegality involved in permitting an underage child to use these means.
  • Students can avail of the school transport subject to availability of seats.
  • Students availing the transport arrangement are required to obtain a Bus Pass from the school office on payment of stipulated bus fees. Students must carry the pass daily for inspection by the school authorities/bus conductors.
  • The school does not entertain any request for change in bus-route to suit an individual’s convenience at the cost of time and distance. Parents are requested to study the specified routes and opt for the one which suits them the best.
  • Change of Bus Stop for a day or a week is not entertained. As a rule such request should not be made.
  • In case of emergency, parents should take their child personally from the school with the prior permission of the Principal. It will be appreciated if such information is sent to the school in advance.
  • Students are not permitted to travel by any other bus except the one allotted to them. The students are expected to reach their bus stop well in time before the arrival time of the bus.
  • Parents of students are not allowed to travel in the school bus except on the first day. Bus charges are payable for 11 months (APRIL-FEBRUARY) as per approved bus fee rates along with other school Fees/dues.
  • Bus monitors and Teacher incharges are responsible for orderly behaviour in the bus. They ensure that only those students who hold a valid bus pass travel in the bus. Indiscipline while travelling in the bus will result in withdrawal of the bus facility.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the school by ensuring that their child travelling in the buses report at their embarking point well on time, carry their Bus Passes and Identity Cards with them all the time and behave in a disciplined way in the interest of their own safety as well as of the other users.
  • In case of loss of the original pass a duplicate pass will be issued on payment of Rs. 20/-.
  • To withdraw from the bus facility, one month advance notice in writing has to be given to the Principal.
  • No one is allowed to withdraw from the facility with effect from October to March except in the case of change of address or withdrawal from school.
  • Students of XII are charged bus fee for 10 months only.
  • On the event of breakdown of the bus or failure to ply on a specific day or on a specific route, parents shall make arrangement for their wards to reach the school. Intimation regarding failure of route will be activated through SMS on your NDND mobile number.
  • At the end of every academic year, parents are required to apply latest by 15th March in writing to the office if they wish to withdraw the bus facility, failing which bus charge will be charged from April as per approved rates.
  • In case of any problem regarding bus, Transport Incharge may be contacted. Most importantly, we expect parents and guardians to be cordial and polite with the staff of the school. We solicit your whole hearted co-operation in all our endeavours.

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