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Activity Centre for Creative and Performing Arts
The school boasts of a complete area devoted entirely to the Fine Arts. This includes aspects of creative as well as performing arts. With a large area devoted to Arts, the school has separate rooms/sections for Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Drawing, Craft, Indian Dance, Western Dance and an entire host of other activities. We have an excellent faculty to ensure that this activity centre flourishes and that it will churn out real artistic talent over the years.

Performing Arts are given a very special place in the School. Our students are provided with compulsory Music education for one and all. Every student finds expression to his or her rhythm and thereafter, hones these talents. The School offers training in various musical instruments, Folk and Western dance along with Vocal Music. From contemporary to classical, students are exposed to all forms of art to help them find their own note in life. The objective of the school in this regard is to ensure that each student is given an opportunity to find his or her own latent talents and is encouraged and guided to hone and improve these.
SUPW is a subject where students can choose from a number of vocational trainings like Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Indian Dance, western Dance, Electronics, Computer Science, Industrial Chemistry, Gardening and Cooking.
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