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Principal's Message

We started our journey as Taposthali School in 2004 as a sapling and made a niche for ourselves in the hearts and minds of the people throughout Ghaziabad. Today it has grown as a tree in the form of Indirapuram Public School, Pratap Vihar – the second link in the chain of Indirapuram Public Schools.

 An educational institution is not just about bricks, mortar and concrete but also about building character and enriching the minds with enriching experiences. Life is not a set of instructions but a series of experiences during the learning process. We believe in learning by capturing a set of experiences which enable us to explore a new realm of wisdom.

 The school has grown in strength and has been achieving success in all directions of educational endeavours ranging from senior scholastic to Nursery scholastic activities. Efforts of the students are noteworthy as it is they who have brought name and fame to the school. Above all there is a focus on value education and a renewed effort to pursue and enrich our basic moral values and cultural heritage coupled with a sense of social responsibility.

 I believe that education is a joint responsibility of teachers and the parents. The time spent by the parent with the children is an investment towards their development, progress and well being which in the long run will definitely help in their bright career prospects. We have a common goal to achieve and that is, a bright future of the child. A sincere teacher who works with a full enthusiasm is praise worthy as her efforts in the students live have paid dividends and has taken the school to newer heights.

 I acknowledge with utmost appreciation and gratitude the confidence entrusted by all the parents in our institution. It is well said that praise and prayers are the first means of growth and so I pray to almighty God to shower his blessings which will enable us to meet new challenges in future.

Renu Sharma                                                                                 
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