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It is imperative that students have an assortment of school related activities they can participate in. These activities can range from activities during normal school hours to after school activities. No matter the time, these activities should be available to every student & it is encouraged that every student should participate.
Competition is healthy because it not only develops a fighting spirit in our children but sportsmanship as well. It teaches our kids to prepare prior to competition and make them more responsible. It teaches them to have faith & to have hope. It teaches them to work in teams & co-operate with each other. It teaches them to be brave and to face problems or tasks with courage.
Morning prayer is an important tradition that fills the day with positivity and energizes and stabilizes the concentration skills needed to understand the lessons taught. To break the monotony of the assembly, every class gets an opportunity to conduct the assembly. Students are given the task of reciting poems, performing skits and delivering speeches. In this manner students also get an opportunity to exhibit their talents & get motivated to actively participate in the assembly.
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