Life skills cannot always be taught at home, school activities are rather a fun way to subtly involve the students in learning to hone their skills. Students, however, require more enjoyable and engaging activities and we at IPSPV provide a platform to inspect interest and create a broader perspective for them. These activities ensure enthusiastic students' involvement and exploration of their unexplored mettle.


In a pacing world where everything is shifting in leaps and bounds, it is important to instil the values of being responsible yet fierce. To imbue the above qualities we at IPS, PV give them immense opportunities wherein they can strengthen their mastery and endure sportsmanship amongst themselves. All the pursuits are designed in varied ways which will enable learners to discover themselves.


An assembly is incomplete if it doesn’t compel the gathering to carry both erudition and ethics for eternity. With the decided flow of the programme, we assimilated the themes such as Joy of Giving, Reading rejuvenates Mind, Never Give Up, the teacher is the torch bearer, Shakespeare made us wise and the list goes on. This enables students to develop both moral values and enhance their knowledge.


These activities fuel the learning by stimulating creative thought ,improving social and organizational skills: developing interests and talents ,and offering the chance to switch on and do something one really enjoys


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