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Chairman Message
Indirapuram Public School, Pratap Vihar started its journey as Taposthali School in 2004 and has grown from strength to strength, enhancing its facilities and teaching methodology with a view to fuse Indian values with modern and progressive education in a very short span of time. Our society is the labor of love of our founder chairman, the Late Shri. Ajit Singh, philanthropist and visionary extraordinaire. His vision was to fuse international quality education with traditional Indian values and to provide affordable high-quality education to our citizens. It was a tragic moment for the school and the society when we lost this great leader in an unfortunate accident. The greatest tribute I can think of paying my father and Founder Chairman of the Indirapuram Public Schools is to take his vision towards realization.

I deem it to be my mission in life to facilitate the realization of his dream of creating generations of future leaders, who would emerge from the portals of this School to sail forth into the world, as men and women of character; as better citizens of our great nation and of the world of tomorrow.

I assure you that it is with this very ideal in mind that we strive to follow our mission; with never-changing ideals in mind and with our feet forever walking into tomorrow.

Our founder Chairman, who put forth the values which form the edifice of our School, believed in simple living and high thinking. Blessed with innate leadership traits, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a keen aesthetic sense, he lived his life with a purpose, i.e. to work selflessly for the betterment of the community at large.

I end this note with the hope and a prayer to the Almighty to endow our students with mental alertness, physical strength and moral uprightness and moreover to infuse them with these ideals of simple living and high thinking.

Vishal Singh
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